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    Main page for setting: "https://nitharos.obsidianportal.com/":https://nitharos.obsidianportal.com/

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    Main page for setting: "https://nitharos.obsidianportal.com/":https://nitharos.obsidianportal.com/ wiki: "https://nitharos.wikia.com/":https://nitharos.wikia.com/

  • Screwloose

    Within the Githzerai society, there is one Gith that stands out as a truly unique individual. He is known by others as Screwloose. It is said that there was once a great mage known for his prowess in enchantment, a mage known only as The Clockwork Gith …

  • Sorin Ravnos

    Sorin Ravnos, Son of Mephael Toltharisan and Eve Ravnos lived in Glarandar for most of his life only occasionally having extended trips to "Eltabbar":http://nitharos.wikia.com/wiki/Eltabbar. His family was one of great renown and wealth. His father was …

  • Rouqar Longclaw

    Rouqar was a proud packleader, standing up for his enslaved tribe, often accepting punishment for their wrong doings. When his tribe was purchase by Lord Mephael Totharisan, Sorin's father, he accepted his new master immediatly, as the two often saw eye …

  • Un-named shade

    Centuries ago, he was a Mhiyrian King, banished and locked in a crypt. The crypt was guarded by a powerful bone servant, little else is known about his former life. Long after the king's death, a spirit had been seen haunting the lands around his crypt …

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