Sorin Ravnos

Dhampir Eldrich Knight




Sorin Ravnos, Son of Mephael Toltharisan and Eve Ravnos lived in Glarandar for most of his life only occasionally having extended trips to Eltabbar. His family was one of great renown and wealth.

His father was an entrepreneur, aristocrat and part-time vampire whom predated the cataclysm, back then he was a deadly hunting vampire, but once the cataclysm hit he felt the ripples in the spell weave hard and it sent him into hibernation for several years. Mephael awoke relatively powerless and in a world unfamiliar to him, he wandered aimlessly for several years before he found a new survival tactic, his vampiric charm. With the help of a kind female wizard he was accepted into society and soon felt at home, as he continued living with the common folk of Thay he grew to respect life and those dependent on it. Due to his ancient knowledge he was able to quickly amass fortune and power. Together with his new wife, the wizard Eve, they became a powerful family of Thay.

Mephael and Eve had two children, Sorin and Narcissa who were both born Dhampir, a race often scorned by civilisation, even in Thay. The siblings were taught from an early age how to compensate for their vampiric heritage by using their supernatural charm. The siblings were taught how to defend themselves and survive on their own, they were trained to use daggers and swords with precision and cunning.

The siblings only grew to become 22 before a demon pack from the Dominion killed Mephael and severly wounded Eve, during one of their trips to Eltabbar. The death of her father sent Narcissa into an all consuming hunt for vengeance, she took her father’s weapon, the Bloodforge Dagger and left in hunt. Neither of the family members have heared from her since. As for Sorin, he found a symbol belonging to the demons, and took it to keep, so that he will never forget his new sworn enemies.

Sorin managed to bring his mother back to the town that Mephael ruled over. But she will never recover from her injuries. Using most of their remaining fortune Eve purchaced a catfolk tribe from a pasing slave trader, and set them up just outside of town as guards, hunters and scouts. She also hired the young necromancer and doctor, EIRIK, as her physician.

Years later, Eve was forced to re-marry, or loose everything. She did so with a Lord of Kossuth, Damakos Maliran, who moved in and took command. Sorin understood the need for this, but he never truely approved of the man, and spent most of his time on the streets of Glarandar.

A year after her re-marriage, Eve is very old, tired and sick, and she understands it is soon her time to pass.

Sorin Ravnos

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