Durth, Murg, Shork and Flurr


Within the Githzerai society, there is one Gith that stands out as a truly unique individual. He is known by others as Screwloose.

It is said that there was once a great mage known for his prowess in enchantment, a mage known only as The Clockwork Gith. One day this mage learned to create intelligent, sentient items, this was his bane. At first he proved successful, but then greed got the better of him and he wanted to create sentient items faster. The Clockwork Gith tried creating several at once, to horrific results. The personalities he was trying to juggle into items collapsed on his own mind, erasing all his memories, wiping out his legend and turning him into a mindless failure.

Today, no one knows if this story is true or not, but rumours say that Screwloose is The Clockwork Gith, his four personalities the result of his accident.

This calm persona is the one most often in control, it is considered the leader of the others, and often gives away control to a different persona if the situation calls for it. Durth is good at recalling events, and likes to try to plan out sittuations based on past experience. Some believe that Durth is the original personality of The Clockwork Gith, but without the memories of his later years.

This battle minded persona is the most aggressive, he thinks only of how to best damage his enemies. Murg cares little about life outside of battle, and is always seeking new dangers and threats, he is not stupid though and will always assess a battle beforehand.

This ingenious persona is the most creative, he is always wanting to construct new things, either useful… or totally useless. Shork is extremely good at analysing constructs and if he takes something apart, he always remembers how to put it back together again… given some time.

This paranoid persona is the most protective, he thinks of how he can best protect himself first, and his allies second. Flurr always chooses the safest of choices and will never approach danger willingly, one could say he is an expert at staying alive… or running away.

Screwloose now works in That-place-we-liked as a member of M.C.E. Corp. and is constantly trying to reqruit Content Not Found: twitch2.


Origins: The Ravnos Estate Sabotender