Twitch 2.0


Tinkerer and Wizard of the Transmutation School, Twitch has spent his life studying and experimenting with his mentor and best friend Drew Darkmagic.

Current inventions and experiments.

Reginald 0.2 – Mech Dragon familiar. (Ready for field testing)
A tiny mechanical dragon that embodies Twitch’s skill and knowledge. The dragon is part mechanical clockwork technology with plate armor and part magical essence. When the dragon is not active it’s docked on Twitch’s wrist launcher where it acts as a flame thrower and clock to keep time.

Wrist launcher V.03. (Ready for field testing)
Wrist mounted retractable catapult modded as to proficiently launch and dock Reginald the Dragon as well as the capability to launch grenades and potions.


Raised by Old Twitch in belief that they are the same person, Old Twitch informed his “son” that he made him using magic, alchemy and engineering. He also informs his “son” that he himself was made by his “father”. Roughly 150 years from now Twitch 2.0 must go back in time and make himself, just as Old Twitch has done.

However… Drew Darkmagic, a friend of both Twitches, has informed Young Twitch of the truth.
The truth is that Drew and Old Twitch were old drinking buddies, but due to old age Twitch has become quite senile, and insisted that he needed to go back in time to create himself.

Amused by the thaught, Drew Darkmagic said he would help, and simply locked Twitch in a stasis for roughly half a year. As he emerged he saw the different season, and different guilds in town, and presumed that Drew’s magic had worked.

Drew then shaves off his beard and finds a Ratfolk orphen to stage part two of his “prank of a lifetime”. Drew “stumbles” over Old Twitch, pretends to be his own father and agrees to help Twitch create himself.

Years later Twitch 2.0 has grown up to be Drew Darkmagic’s apprentice and close friend.

Twitch 2.0

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