Elamir Eurid

Aasimar Paladin of Vengeance


Elamir Eurid, son of Melissa and Trane Eurid.

The first 12 years of his life Elamir lived a sheltered life in the village of Xorhun. One night he was awoken by a cacophony of screams and howls comming from the eastern edge of the village. Bewildered and afraid he staggered out of the house and onto the street. There he saw half the village engulfed in flames, and in between the houses dark shapes stalked cutting down villagers with savage glee. Terrified he turned his back on the slaughter before him and fled away from the village. Through a forrest he stumbled stained by tears and mud. He ran until he collapsed in a heap on the ground and fell into a troubled sleep, dreams pagued by flickering flames and dark shapes screeming their unearthly screems. The next day he crept back to the village, only to find it a smoldering ruin and its streets litterd with corpses. After he buried his parents, with nothing left of his old home, he turned to the open road.

After a time of scraping by, eating what he could find, he met a wanderer walking along the road. The traveling man felt pity with the boy and took him in and taught him how to survive on his own in the wilds. Elamir however could not find peace in the simple life of a wandering hunter and parted ways with his teacher. One of his journeys took him to a temple of Tyr, and there before the Hammer & Scales of the god of Justice he swore to never run away and leave the pleople he cared for alone ever again. Since that day Elamir has wandered the land searching for and destroying every fiend he could find, hoping that through this he can one day find redemption for the death of his loved ones.

Elamir Eurid

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