Duke (Douhk Ane)

Fire Monk and Potion Seller.


Class: Monk
Discipline: Fire

Personality traits: I let others do the talking. I readily accept technicalities. I often offer hot/warm food to others
Ideal: The Dead should be cremated. Treating Fire with respect will earn you the right to its warmth.
Bond: Demons destroyed my monastery. I will purify them with the fires of Kossuth. Or at least beat them into unrecognisable pulps.
Flaws: Fire is my safety blanket; Alcohol is my bedding.

Appearance: Wearing red-orange robes under a patched cloak, this monk of Turami and Rashemi descent sports a monk staff and a fiery tattoo on his forehead. On his back hangs a shortsword.

Perk: None yet.

My past
After barely escaping a disastrous demon raid that slaughtered most of my order, I drifted upon the wind, wandering the earth for nearly ten years.
My once passionate flame had been reduced to an ember, as the storm of nightmares kept me awake each night, demons hunting me, slipping through my mind in different ways, haunting my dreams, often following me into the day.

I sustained myself by drifting between towns, occasionally staying at temples devoted to the Fire Lord Kossuth. My understanding of the elements grew stronger, the winds telling me secrets, the earth supporting my will, the water cleansing my soul. But the fire still burned low.

Then it came; a vision unlike any of the others: A blood demon, a town falling, and the foul tint of Lolth creeping through the lands. I could stop it. My fire blazed as I set forth. The vision didn’t say exactly when, but it gave me a hint of where: Glarandar.

As I arrived, two rulers had died, and the blood demon was nowhere to be found. Had it been vanquished? Was I too late? Had I been too early? I needed to talk to the heir of the Ravnos estate. Needed to ask him of demons. Oh, it seemed they had vanquished it. Hmm… but looking upon the map, Glarandar was a fine strategic target for the Dominion.

I offered my services to the heir, and he took me on as one of his party. Among them there was a paladin named Elamir Eurid. He had the same burning passion against the fiends as I do. We soon became fast friends..

I am known as Duke (spelled in Dwarven Script as Douhk), though that is a nickname I have been given after over a decade of wandering. I can’t really remember the name I had at birth.

Duke (Douhk Ane)

Origins: The Ravnos Estate Tobbun